Your specialist in fire protection installations in South Tyrol
Fire protection

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Your specialist in fire protection installations in South Tyrol

We can offer you a wide range of services to optimise the security and protection of your building. Our experienced team is happy to support you in the installation of the following fire protection solutions:

  • Fire protection reels
  • Hydrant systems
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Fire-retarding sealing

Whether it be the installation of fire protection reels, hydrants or sprinkler systems, our experts guarantee optimal protection in the event of a fire thanks to the latest technology and high-quality fire protection systems.
Another important point to note is the fire-retarding sealing. We ensure that pipe penetrations are sealed off professionally in order to effectively prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

We install our fire protection solutions in the following areas:


The complete package for you from Kraler

Our range of services includes both chimney construction and renovation. Would you like to make your home cosier by adding a fireplace or have you already bought a stove? If so, then our experts will be happy to assist you with chimney pipe installation and connection.

Is your chimney showing its age and the pipe in need of repair or replacement? We would be happy to carry out a chimney inspection using a chimney camera and carry out any necessary work. From drilling to masonry work to painting - with us you can be sure to get a complete solution. We take care of everything meaning that after the renovation works, everything looks as it did before. Plastered, painted and clean.